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    Multicamera Editing - How to make the editing playback smoother?


      I'm using Premiere Pro CC2014, V8.1.0 (81) Caravan, on an i7-3770/32 GB/Win 7 64bit system.  I have a GTX980 with driver  I'm editing a concert from which I recorded 9 streams of video.  I am editing in multicamera mode at a resolution of 1440x1080.


      When I am editing, the video playback in the 9-panel multicam grid tends to be rather choppy.  If I set the playback back about 10 seconds and start over, it gets smoother, and if I do it a third time, it gets smoother still.  It's like the video gets buffered somehow and as more gets into some kind of fast access memory (on the video card or in RAM,) it gets smoother.  Then when that buffer plays out, it gets choppy again.  By the way, that is the video only.  The audio plays smoothly all the time. 


      When I view my perf in Task manager, I'm only using about 9.5GB of my RAM, even though in the Premiere setting for Memory I've allocated 26GB of RAM for Premiere.  The optimization I'm using is for "Performance".


      I can (barely) live with the choppiness - I have to hit the spacebar repeatedly before I get 30 seconds or so of smooth playback.  But y question is:  given all this, is there any way I can tweak my system so that I'm NOT hitting the spacebar every few seconds to get the playback smoother?


      BTW:  I'm still relatively new at using Premiere, so if there is something obvious I'm missing, please don't hesitate to point out "stuff everyone should know".  :-)