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    background image

      I'm fairly new to Contribute, and like it. There are a few things it doesn't seem to do (or maybe it's me)
      I'm not an html coder and I'm using contribute just to provide a home on my work site on the work site - designed for me by someone who knows what he's doing.
      I'm not using his template as this is work for a creative writing project that I'm uploading here. It's very much work in progress btw and I'm embarrassed to be showing this to all you specialists.

      here's my question

      When I insert a background image using page properties, the image repeats itself ad infinitum. I'd like it to have a right hand edge. For example on http://www.joannahoward.net/Afterthedivorce.htm (the page is meant to look messy to reflect what was going on at the time ). The whole project starts at http://www.joannahoward.net/califtryout.htm