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    Clone Stamp not working (Version 10 on iMac running 10.10)

    just me db

      Hi there,


      I have two Macs both running Photoshop Elements 10. The HDD recently died on my iMac requiring a reinstall.

      Everything else works in PSE10 apart from the cloning stamp. I have reinstalled PSE and reset the tool. I get the cross

      hairs on pressing cmd and then when I try and paste I get the error report that I have not defended the stamp area, which I have.


      Oh,  the clone stamp works fine on my MacBook.


      I hope someone can help please, I recall having this issue sometime back and it was a pref file fix it I recall correctly.


      Thank you in advance for reading my posting and thanks again if you reply and WOW, if you know how to fix it thanks



      Happy New year to all



      David Bedford