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      • 1. Re: I am trying to make a clipping mask for a collage and for some reason when I make a new shape it does not create a new layer. any idea why?
        A.T. Romano Level 7

        Dona Shaw


        Are you working with Photoshop Elements Editor or Premiere Elements Editor? And, which version on what computer operating system?


        I suspect that you are working with some version of Photoshop Elements. If so, you have posted in the wrong forum. Somehow your thread

        has been posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum (video editing). If your program is Photoshop Elements, please re-post your thread in

        the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum or wait for a moderator here to see your thread here and move it from here to there.



        Some unofficial comments...assuming Photoshop Elements Editor ...

        1. Have you done Reset Tools.

        2. Are you saying that, after you draw your Shape, the shape does not appear on screen, and there is no expected Shapes layer in the Layers Palette?


        I would expect to see the following after Shape Layer creation, Simply, and Ctrl G (with the top layer selected)...

        I did the following with Photoshop Elements 10 Editor. I can do it with another version if needed.


        Did my unofficial reply target any of your issue? If not, the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum should have the

        answer that you seek.


        If this turns out to be a Premiere Elements question, please give more details for us to help you.


        Thank you.