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    FB isn't rebuilding my swf files! AAAGH??

      When I change code and click either the debug or the run, it doesn't output a new swf file. I've confirmed from the modification dates that it's not updating. It only works the first time I run FB and compile. I have to quit the app and open it up again every time I want to compile my changes. If I can't fix this I can't be a flex developer anymore because this is completely unworkable.

      I've recreated the entire project. Twice.

      I've changed the output dir.

      I've even added syntax errors in the code intentionally. It doesn't care, because it's not recompiling code.

      I know I'm editing the right files because if I quit FB delete some class files, and reopen FB and compile, THEN it throws errors about not finding classes.

      Flex Bulder 2.0.143459