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    How remap computer to video levels AE to Avid


      While I'm able to maintain levels roundtripping from Avid Symphony to AE and back again, I'm struggling with how to match levels of graphics that are overlayed to video in AE.


      Stills from Photoshop come in 0-255, which if I'm only doing image pan animations, I can import to Avid, in the options setting checking Computer RGB (0-255), or if linking via AMA, auto levels remaps as well. This doesn't seem correct, just a work around, as I expect to link via AMA and not do a thing, and not wanting to import and generate a new file.


      Furthermore, if as originally stated, my intent is to overlay an image mapped to 0-255 over a video clip coming in 16-233, how is that handled? In AE I see the Levels - computer to video filter, and though the output black and output white sliders seem to be where I'd expect them, the effect looks way off, super washed out. Again, this seems a work around, so how's it done?


      I've read about exporting AAF from Avid, is that a must? I'm just using Fast Export to QT, same as source, see no loss, and again, when such clips return from AE, I see no difference from the original (except what I've layered on top).


      Thanks for guidance!