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    Uploaded files, blank page! Help!

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I just uploaded my Animate project to my site, but when you go to the page, it's blank. Here is my workflow:
      1. In Animate, I set the Publish settings to Animate Deployment Package.

      2. Clicked Publish.

      3. In Dreamweaver, I created a new page.

      4. In DW, I selected Insert > Media > Edge Animate.

      5. Selected the OAM file.

      6. Saved the file and uploaded all of the files to my server.


      When I preview it locally, everything is fine. However, when I navigate to it online (http://www.yourjkbx.com/samples/Boombox01/boomboxSample01.html), nothing appears on screen. When I view the page source, all of the code is there. Please help me get this figured out.