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    InDesign CC Crashes on Startup

    AdrianMcC Level 1

      Ok there is lots about this on the web but none of the causes or solutions I found on the Web worked for me, I spent a few hours on this and found another cause and solution.


      I post this in the hope it will help other people with the same problem.


      I have InDesign installed on Windows 8.1 with the latest updates


      The cause in my case was  InDesign CC will not start if the default printer is not available. (mine was switched off)


      The solution is simple, either turn on the printer or if you cannot do that (say you are away from base) set the default to a printer that is available or to either the Microsoft XPS document writer printer driver or the Send to one note printer driver if you have them


      I tested these solutions on my machine and they work for me, I hope they will for you also