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    Ipad Camera Connection Kit and LR Mobile


      Like many people I would love to see the ability to bring a RAW image straight into LR mobile using the CCKit.

      Now when you do this and import say a .NEF file - I know you get a thumbnail blurry image on the IPAD photos app.


      But I found that as soon as you do a BASIC edit in the Photo app like a minor crop - it suddenly becomes a viewable image which can also be brought into LR mobile.

      You do need to do the EDIT to ENABLE this.   So I am assuming it becomes a JPEG file in the process.  but at least you can view the image on the iPad in a PROCESSED form.

      I realise you don't get a PROCESSED RAW file.  But what I want to know is if the LARGE NEF file still exists on the IPAD ?  If I do a lot of this do I end up with large number NEF files sitting on the IPAD taking up space?


      I would love to know if I do this : is there a sync (of the processed NEF) going back up to my desktop?


      I realise the "correct" way to do this is to start the process on the DESKTOP but really the idea is to be able to use the power of LR when you don't have the desktop with you.