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    can I import .aep into photoshop or convert to .psd

    onehitfights Level 1

      I helped a team mate (at a different location)  with a Poster  (Many Layers).  She needed some special effects.

      I imported the .psd into After Effects 2014 cc

      This is a single frame composition.

      I used special effect video files to add effects and just lined them up where I wanted on the single frame to get the effect i wanted. (Explosion.mov)

      I did this with 6 or 7 different .mov files to create the effect I wanted.

      I exported the poster for delivery. 

      Turned out great.


      My problem is: There are quite a few different pictures and different posters that have to be made.  I just want to send the layers I made back to the Poster (Photoshop) Team Mate.  (She doesn't know or do After Effects)

      How Can I get my project with all the layers BACK to .psd or.... .how can I save this so she can import my .aep back into .psd so she can continue to work there?

      Is this possible?

      Can someone suggest a better workflow?