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    Move & rename photos within Lightroom?

    davidkotz Level 1

      Two-part question:


      1.  After importing a few thousand scanned photos, then adding appropriate creation dates and other metadata, I want to rename and organize the photos into folders in the same way the Import process works.  My import preset renames each file in the form YYYY-MM-DD-nnnnn where nnnnn is a sequence number, and where the date is drawn from the metadata within the imported file. 


      When I originally imported the scanned images into Lightroom, they had meaningless creation dates (1/1/1970) so I did not rename them at that time.  Now I want to rename each image file named 'foo.jpg' as YYYY-MM-DD-foo.jpg.


      How can I select a large number of files and rename them all according to a rule like that? 


      2. My import preset also files the imported image in a folder/subfolder named YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD;  after renaming the scanned files, above, I'd like to move them into the appropriately named folder/subfolder.  How can I do that?


      If I cannot rename/move the files within Lightroom, I could

      a.  do these manipulations outside Lightroom... in the Finder, with other tools... but then Lightroom's catalog will not be able to find its image files. 

      b. export the images, then import them with my preset, but I fear I'd lose some metadata in the process.


      any ideas welcome