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    Question about custom API for widget integration into website


      Can someone please tell me if this is possible, I have been trying to get an answer for over a month now and I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone.  This is what we are trying to do: 


      A user will sign into our website and fill out the widget we have created (it's a 1 page tax form).  This user will fill out the form entirely except the signature field, then he needs to be able to send it to an email address that he specifies.  The form will be sent to the email address and when the person receives it, they need to be able to answer some sort of security question (ie. last 4 of SSN).  This number will need to change with each form sent as each form will be sent to a different person/email address. Once the security code is entered correctly, the person will be able to sign the form.  A very important part is that we need to be able to tell which user from our website filled out the form and sent it.

      Thank you for your response and your help with our business need.


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          SimonATS Adobe Employee

          It's possible but will require a fair bit of coding, it's not something that can be handled with just a widget by itself.


          First your web form would not be a widget, it would be a regular html based form. Upon submit this html form submits the form data to Echosiging via the SendDocument method. (this will take the form values and merges this with a template document, and send it by email to the intended recipient)

          The html form would have a field asking for an email, which can be used to set the recipient of the agreement.

          I the html form you'd also ask the ssn info, which can be used to set a password in the send document method.


          The SendDocument mehtjod will send an email to the set recipient, who will click the link in the email. This will prompt them to enter the password before they can sign.


          As for the user from your website, there's 2 main ways of going about this.

          if you want the agreement to come from the actual user, then first all your users need to be part of your Echosign account. assuming the form is behind a secure part of the site, you can use the login details for the SenderInfo part of the senddocument method.


          You could also have the agreement come from a central email address and capture the form filler via a form field in the main form and merge this data on Echosign document.

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            Jose E Calderon Level 1

            I want to add that you will be required to have a Enterprise account because you are looking to embed you website form to the echosign server. This requires to do API coding.


            The API coding is simple task but might be a step hill for you to do this on you own. Considering hiring a developer to accomplish this. At the end, you will reach exactly what you are looking after.