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    Strangely behaving Colour Replacement Tool


      Hi anyone,



      I've read up and watched videos of the Colour Replacement Tool and I've been trying all night to replace a very pale blue patch of sky with a dark blue patch of sky.  Websites say use the colour picker to choose the darker blue I want.  I do this and it successfully becomes my Foreground Colour in the 2 little squares.   It then says if I go to Colour Replacement Tool and click on something with the target in the circle (ie the too pale blue I want to get rid of), it will replace that with my Foreground Colour (my darker blue).


      But this never happens.  It wipes out my pale blue OK ,but replaces it with white all the time instead of my dark blue foreground colour,   Frustratingly when I click and brush on some brown rocks, they DO come up with the blue I want.


      So I experimented by changing my foreground colour to black with the eyedropper tool this time so things would be obvious and to see if my pale sky got darker.   Then I went to the Colour Replacement Tool and clicked on my pale sky and moved the cursor around expecting things to change to black, but again they just changed to white !!   And when I went to the brown rocks, even more bizarrely they were still changing to the dark blue I wanted that was my earlier foreground colour, and not the black that was showing as my current foreground colour.


      Why is this happening - I'm using Photoshop Elements 13?   Could it be anything to do with the fact I'm trying to do this on a Photomerged Panoramic shot.which is why I have dark sky and light sky as I forgot to fix exposure for the 2 shots..