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    Crash on Render every-time with Sony F7 footage


      Working on a project with Sony F7 mxf files.

      On a Mac, 10.8.5, cc 2014, up-to-date.


      Everytime I try to render out the sequence, Premiere Pro crashes.

      I sent it to Adobe Media Encoder…and it crashes everytime (about 20 seconds in to rendering)

      I've changed the codec and settings that I'm rendering to…crashes every-time.

      I've copied the clips to a new time line with different settings… still crashes every-time.

      removed files (like the music track), and turned off effects, … still crashes every-time.


      Finally the only way I could get it to work: I copied the entire seq into after effects and rendered it from there, no crashes.


      editing is smooth….just seems to be a major problem rendering.


      Anyone know of a current issue / workaround?

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          Ehmie Level 1

          Still no fix. I have new information.


          The crashes still happen but it is when rendering to prores. If I render to "Animation codec", it works…..(huge files) but that's my current workaround.

          I've updated all the adobe apps, the GTX 780 ti cuda/ nvida drivers, and all the apple security updates.


          That's where it sits right now.

          Still crashing on render.