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    RoboKnights: IS there a foolproof format for Help hosted in a website?

    Cara Bereck Levy

      Once open a time, I generated WebHelp, uploaded it to our company site, dubbed it a noble Knowledgebase, and there it sat, accessible to all. It was the Best Beloved of people desirous of viewing Help via Google Translate.


      And so, the years passed, and the poor WebHelp Knowledgebase was forgotten and fell into disuse. Even the Fairy DocMomma (that would be me) ignored it.

      It was rediscovered by an intrepid explorer. And it was decreed that the Fairy DocMamma would wave her magic wand and update Knowledgebase in renewed glory....


      THUNK!!! You hear that?!!! That is the sound of the Fairy DocMomma's headdesk: THUNK THUNNK!!!


      So, RoboKnights--what do you recommend?

      What is the best, most foolproof method and format for putting Help on the Web?

      What dragons might rear up and bite the DocMomma in areas not mentioned in publick support forums...?


      Using RoboHelp 10, updated + patched.


      I actually generated an AIR output, and had it uploaded...just AIR, not the AIR for browser...and it seems to be OK. I did not yet try to generate it with the inter-related projects that I traditionally include with my .chm for the desktop application. I should note that this is a big project. about 500 topics in the main project, at least that many in the sub-projects, lots of graphics.