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    How to repair a lightroom 5 catalog?


      My catalog for Lightroom 5 for Mac got corrupted.

      Folders were created and inserted  that were duplicates of the existing folder (As as example I would have a folder called dogs but a duplicate of that folder would be created as a sub folder called say, cats and had copies of all of the diog images in it.


      I have ordered a copy of my backup of my photo drive.

      I am tempted to delete my corrupted drive and rebuild it with my backup photos.


      What this will mean is that I suspect my lightroom catalogs will be meaningless and I will have to rebuild my catalog.

      I suspect I should do this by re-importing the photos.


      Do I have this figured out correctly??




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          areohbee Level 6

          Ideally, if you can avoid re-importing, it will be better (and in best case scenarios, you will/should be able to).


          Here is one way to "re-build" a catalog without re-importing:

          * select all photos (e.g. via "All Photographs collection - make sure lib-filters are disabled, and stack underlings are selected too..).

          * click File menu -> Export As Catalog.


          Note: I assume you have already tried optimizing and catalog integrity check.


          If all attempts at salvaging existing catalog fail, and you do decide to rebuild from scratch, then make sure you save xmp metadata before embarking, that way, when you re-import, you'll not lose develop settings and other critical metadata.


          Somebody else may have better/more info for you, so don't rely on this post alone..


          PS - if you don't know how to do some stuff, ask how..


          *** NOTE: re-building drive with photos will NOT invalidate your catalog.


          Good luck,


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            Dunc.F Level 1

            Thanks Rob!
            I'll take your advice and wait a bit before I dive in to see if other suggestions pop  up!