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    I must be doing something wrong because none of the Adobe software can open my RAW files.


      None of the adobe software recognize the RAW files from my Nikon D7100. I had no problems opening raw files from my D5000.   I even tried to convert them to DNG but that didn't work either. I have used Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Bridge, Photoshop Elements 13, Photoshop 8.  I wasn't able to see my Raw files in windows either until I downloaded NEC codec...and, of course, I can see them in the Nikon software.  I have 8 folders of pics taken with the new camera.  In the last folder, I can see and work with my RAW files and in one folder, there is one RAW file I can work with.  All the rest are blank and won't open.  In one folder, Lightroom won't even show the JPEGs. I shoot in RAW + (JPEG) FINE. I've downloaded all the files the same way.  I will try to download them again, but not all of them are still on the card.  I even tried to convert them to DNG, but if they can't be seen as RAW, they won't convert to DNG. The D7100 has been out for a while, so I can't believe that Adobe wouldn't work for it.