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    Finger Friendly

    scanslers Level 1

      With the advent of Windows 8 tablets, (Specifically, the smaller 8" screened iterations) Wouldn't it be prudent to update Digital Editions to make it more finger friendly? e.g: getting rid of the tiny "next" and "previous" page buttons at the bottom and make the app turn pages by the swipe of a finger or by holding the finger on the screen and dragging up or down to scroll thru the pages? This one change would make this the perfect epub reader for so many who use epub books to study and highlight and annotate (already available in this app).


      You could set it to where the select text feature is available after holding the finger on the screen for a determined length of time (not a long time, mind you, maybe 1-1.5 seconds) or perhaps by tapping or even double-tapping a word and expanding the select window with draggable bars (like what is on so many phones).


      I tell you, this would make this the perfect epub app.


      I want to start a petition to have this feature added. I think it's that important.