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    premiere pro light ?


      Hi, I am a PPro user, and have been since the early Premiere 5 release. around late 90's before the CS series. But its a hobby. Home use, for family videos.  

      Currently running CS6.  My issue/concern is the future.


      At the moment I use Encore, Bridge and PPro.

      The 'new' subscription pricing represents a massive price increase for me that is simply not an option.  Moving from an upgrade fee of £250 to £300 every 2-3 years or so (Still a lot for consumer software) to around £312 per year.

      This represents over a 150% or more price increase for me, even at the 'special for user" price of £26 per month.


      I know I only use a fraction of the features. But I can be sure the ones I use are never in the standard "for home use" video packages. So I've stuck with Premier and paid the premium prices.

      eg Multi format outputs. Range of transition controls, audio mixing , etc.


      But now I can see no future with Premiere Pro for users like me. 
      Of course CS6 will continue to work under W8, W10 etc but will have no new features and will not keep up with any new technologies. So I therefore freeze or seek an alternative.
      Has anyone got an suggestions for alternative packages that will give me the basic Encore, Bridge and PPro capabilities.


      Is there a 'PPro light' version available that I may have missed, or one planned for the home market ?


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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe Premiere Elements.


          Video making software | Adobe Premiere Elements 13


          If you still want to make dvd or BD might want to have a look at sony DVD architect Pro (or hold on to Encore as long as you can)

          I find Elements build in dvd authoring not all that great.

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            Quofiend Level 1

            Of course !   DOH !! 

            I went through the list here.... Explore Adobe desktop apps | Adobe Creative Cloud   and since it wasn't listed , I assumed Elements had been absorbed or ceased.

            I guess its time I revisited it.  Although I recall installing a trial version of Photoshop Elements, and I wasn't impressed. So so so slow to load and controlling..  I reverted to PSP X3(which isn't much faster but is a lot more flexible).  Sorry - never been a Photoshop user. Too expensive for what I need.

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              Quofiend Level 1

              Ideally I'd like something between the 2. Elements seems to have great features but I recall it offered you little control/flexibility. But at that price... who could complain.
              I'll have to do some research.  

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                cc_merchant Level 4

                Currently running CS6.  My issue/concern is the future.


                What is your concern? You have the perpetual license, no further costs at all. However long you use it, you have already spent money for the license in the past. No new costs.


                A concern might be if you need a new camera format that is not supported under CS6. In that case you need to investigate whether there are third-party converters to handle that conversion or that the on-going rental price is worth it. There is no going back from rental to perpetual, because your own copyrighted material is no longer accessible if you stop renting.


                What future? New 'features' and new reduced functionality in the rental versions? Adobe removed a number of transitions and effects in CC, that were available in CS6, just because it was easier to remove them, then to port them to a Mac environment. The easy way out ...


                I'm very glad not to have moved beyond CS6 to the expensive rental model. I don't miss the 'new features', my camera formats are supported in CS6 and I have saved a huge amount of money by not going the rental route.



                This summarizes nicely the doubts you are facing. In my case I have saved around $ 1700 by not going the rental route. Sure, there have been performance improvements in CC over CS6, but by investing part of the $ 1700 savings in new hardware, those improvements are easily compensated and my system is much faster overall.

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                  Quofiend Level 1

                  Cheers all.
                  My concern was as per my statement.  Support for new features, new technologies, new camera's.  I've been there before and seen how Windows drivers dissappear or a new camera isnt supported , or new formats arrive  (eg AVCHD) etc. It is always a moving game. 


                  I've also now received an email from Adobe telling me I've subscribed to "Creative Cloud"   I've done no such thing.   How do I reverse this  ?  No contact into at all. 
                  How did this even happen ? All i've done is log into my Adobe online account which I've had for over 10 years.

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                    It is just part of CS6 at this point so they can "sell" you a subscription.

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                      cc_merchant Level 4

                      I had a similar experience once, when - unknowing the consequences - I signed in to my Adobe account, IIRC because of update notifications from AAM.


                      OMG, what a disaster. My activation of CS6 was transferred to CC and I could no longer deactivate CS6. It required the steps outlined in RED here: Tweakers Page

                      I would check out that your license activation scheme has NOT been taken over by CC immediately and stay as far away from using your Adobe account as possible.

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                        Quofiend Level 1

                        Yep... cc_Merchant.  This is my concern. I'd read about such issues.  I'm also pretty sure it is not legal to just subscribe me to a service I've not requested.  My current perpetual desktop CS6 license was NOT linked to any web service and if they decide to link it to some internet based service, without my permission or request, then again, I think this would be a breach of their own license laws.

                        Time will tell.


                        What do you mean by 'activation was taken over'. How would I know.  THe software has been installed and running on this machine since it was released.   What will change ?