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    wrong gps info after export


      I recently found a problem in the export function of lightroom 5.7 with windows 8.1 64 bits dutch.

      All jpg files i export have the same WRONG coordinates.

      When i check the original files jpg or raw files the gps info is correct and shown in google maps at the right location.

      When i import them in lighroom at least in the past the gps info is shown on the map at the right spots at least for the raw pictures.


      I recently found out all my jpgs where taken somewhere in afrika but in fact they ware taken in norway!

      When i plot the info in lightroom, i get 170 pictures at the same spot in afrika.

      The exported jpgs show the same gps location ...

      All my exported jpgs have wrong, gps info in the exif data.

      Seems to me the problem has caused almost 1000 pictures with wrong gps data now when i am examining the exif info.

      i am happy i still have some originals but ... what is wrong here and can it be fixed?


      i have a complete ascii file with more detailled info ..




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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          If the problem is reproducible, you could file a bug report with Adobe.  You said you still have some of the originals.  If you re-import one of the originals into LR, does LR show it incorrectly on the map?  If so, upload the original to Dropbox or similar and we can see if it happens on other people's LR configurations and perhaps troubleshoot what's going wrong.

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            eelcodegraaff Level 1

            Thanks i do have some info collected. I will drop it all to my dropbox. Do i need to share the link here or do i need to share it private?

            I have the pictures, a txt document with details and so on.




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              johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

              It would be best to post the link here, so that others might also take a look.  But if you're worried about the confidentiality of the info, send it to me in a private message.

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                eelcodegraaff Level 1

                Ok  guys i retested it today again.

                I made some pictures here in the Netherlands. All taken with my acer telephone.

                All pictures contain exif info with right gps coordinates.


                I have imported the photos and directly after importing i have checked the lightroom location information where the pictures have been taken.

                Therefore i created a new album and imported the pictures

                In the link to dropbox you will see the original jpg's with the exif info and the screenshot of adobe lightroom with the location showing Africa !


                And when i examined the details of the screenshot i found something interesting and the cause of the problem!

                This is a tricky one! be aware of it and i think it should warn you for using this setting


                I have never entered or changed this setting but it caused the problem i reported.


                Settings Meta > import settings > the GPS coordinates have been preset, without my knowledge, never have been here in the settings area.

                Screenshots are in the dropbox for you to learn and analyse.




                When you are not aware of this issue all your gps info will be overwritten and is lost. When you export your photo's the wrong gps coordinates are then in the exif data, as i had.





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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  Very curious.  While some areas in Lightroom make it easy to accidentally change settings without noticing, in this case I think it's very unlikely that you accidentally set a metadata import preset.   I haven't seen other reports in these forums about similar symptoms.


                  Just curious -- do you have other photos taken at that location in Namibia?