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    Update from CS4 or go straight to Creative Cloud?




      I have CS4 installed on my old iMac (now on its last legs) and have recently bought a new machine. I'm hoping to get some advice on whether I should reinstall (download and activate) CS4 on my new iMac or launch straight into Creative Cloud? Will this mean that if I set up in Creative Cloud that there will be no need to purchase any of the updates from CS4 - CS5 - CS6? If I transfer my work across, will my CS4 files open in Creative Cloud or, if I stick to CS4, will it be compatible with the new Mac OS X environment Yosemite?


      I use mainly Dw, Ps, Illustrator, Adobe Pro, and now Lr as the new editing platform for my photography work?

      Before I go any further with install or set up, any advice from users/tech support would be gratefully received.