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    Premiere Pro CC 2114 8.2 Crashes Doing Just Basic Things



      I get freeze-ups or crashes constantly! This seemed to start over the last few months or the last few Premiere Pro updates. The usual error is:

                       “Adobe Premiere Pro has stopped working… Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.”

      The crashes seem somewhat random so I don’t always get the same crash twice doing exactly the same thing… I get them when I’m looking through the timeline, when I select a clip to lay on the timeline, try to make simple effect changes, open a “Bin” of clips etc…. It does seem to crash more with QuickTime clips. I don’t seem to have as much of a problem with CineForm, AVI’s or generic Mp4’s. I’m working on three projects now and they all crash but one seems to crash more. All projects use 1920X1080 clips, and all drivers are up-to-date and I have re-installed Premiere Pro several times. I can’t get several minutes into anything before I freeze-up or crash. I tried all of the remedies stated on other forums pertaining to Adobe’s QT 32 server’s handling or management issues with QuickTime which seemed to help a little but didn’t fix the problem… I don’t have any other media player software’s/codec’s loaded like Xvid or Real (although I do have FileMaker.)


      Does anyone know of any other sources where this problem is addressed? Thank you for any help!


      Processors Dual Intel Xeon CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz 12 processor cores

      ASUS Z8PE Motherboard

      Memory (RAM) 48.0 GB

      Graphics NVIDIA Quadro K6000 36475 MB memory

      Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system

      C: Drive disk(s) 26315 GB

      Video Raid (Areca ARC-1880ixl-8 SAS Controller Card) (28TB Total)

      Graphics NVIDIA Quadro K6000, Total available graphics memory 36603 MB

      Display adapter driver version

      Primary & secondary monitor resolution 1920x1080

      Matrox MX02 Rack Box... version

      DirectX version DirectX 10

      Adobe CC 2014 8.2.0 (65) Build

      QuickTime Pro 7.7.6 (1680.95.31)