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    Photoshop CC2014 in OSX Yosemite (Mac book pro retina 2014) crashes frequently and Merge to HDR does not work


      My photoshop CC2014 on my Mac OSX Yosemite crashes all the time with random tasks. Now almost nothing works. Sometimes it stops working after doing random tasks like starting photoshop and i have to do a hard reset by putting the power off of my Mac pro retina (2014). After logging in again i got the message from Photoshop that  graphics problem occurred with a Problem report I will post here. I also cannot merge to HDR from lightroom to photoshop & also in Photoshop in the file menu > automate merge to HDR pro. It 8 of 10 times it stops working and I won't select one of the brackets. I have to force quit photoshop. I think these instability problems started after updating to Yosemite but become worser everyday. I also disabled the graphics driver, put it on basic and enabled/disabled open gl, sometimes photoshop disables it automaticly. My osx is up to date so I don't have to update my graphic driver because these updates or done within the OSX update pane. I cannot add the Problem report file in this topic, How can I do this???