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    Reordering the Listing of Signature Fields

    YossiD Level 1

      Where I work we use Acrobat signatures for the official versions of our documents. Many documents don't have visible signature fields, so for those we use invisible signatures.


      In the past we needed to have Acrobat licenses for everyone who was required to sign documents, but now that Adobe Reader supports signatures that's not necessary.


      Since Adobe Reader does not support invisible signatures, I have been adding hidden signature fields in Acrobat so no visible signatures appear when the various signatories sign the document. I name each signature block with the name of the person who needs to sign. It works well.


      Now I'm looking for a way to change the order of the signature fields in the signature panel to show the order in which the various signatories should review and sign the document. For example, people required to check the document should review/sign before those who should approve the document, so I want them to be listed in that order.


      In Adobe Reader XI the signature fields are listed alphabetically in the signature panel.


      Curiously, in Acrobat 7 Pro, which I'm using to create the documents and add the hidden signature fields, they are listed in what appears to be random order.


      Anyway, if there's a way to control the order of the signature fields in the signature panel, I'd love to know it. I suppose I could number the fields if there's no other way. I have created a PDF with all the signature fields I may need, and I just copy the ones I need into the new PDF. Numbering them would add a step.