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    Extract embedded png and jpeg files from InDesign, or do I even need to for 4/C printing?


      I am creating a catalog, both as a pdf for nxtBooks (online) and they want to use the same files for printing. I don't know if it's digital or, if that would even matter. I was given and old document to pull some information and images from. Some of those images appear to be embedded into their old ID document. This is not something I have ever done, but I'm old school. To make it even better, these images are old screen shots, and no one kept the originals. They appear to be scaled down in their document, so doesn't that mean there is a larger file hiding somewhere?


      On the other hand, is this necessary? I know it will be OK for online viewing, but what will happen when I create a press quality pdf? Will this cause problems for the printer?


      And while I'm at it, are printers OK with linking jpegs rather than psd or tiff files? I know the color would be more accurate if I converted, but this client doesn't particularly care about exact color matching.


      Thank You!