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    LR 5.7.1 No output to printer


      No printing :I can't print anymore, printing the same file with another program is ok, printing form LR (in the same system and printer of course :-) ): Preparing  and Printing indicatorbar in the left hand upper corner are running and completing, but no output at all to my printer. I have been printing before. Next I upgraded to LR5.7.1 but the problem stays. Perhaps some adjustment is changed by me unintentionally, but I have no idea. Does anybody know what to check? Printing to file is also strange,the canvas only seems to accept A4, and crops any image relative to that size, so a 10x15 cm print on 10 x 15 cm paper is cropped to 10x15/2. Anybody any idea? (system win 8.1 64, printer HP B8550)