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    Which version of flash is best for brush strokes?




      I am just wondering which version of flash has the best brush strokes. I am using CS6, and it constantly edits my strokes. I heard the older versions of flash have better brush strokes.

      I am an animator, and the brush tool is something I constantly use. I might have access to flash CS3 or CS4, and I heard CS3 is pretty close to the macromedia version.


      I heard toon boom animate is amazing, but when I tried it, there's no vector lines. Or maybe I am doing something wrong, but my strokes in toon boom animate are pixelated.


      I'm basically looking for a version of flash or different software, that has a brush tool that when I draw, it's what I wanted to draw, and doesn't edit my strokes. (By the way, I'm doing frame by frame animation)