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    displaying images on a local hard drive

      Has anyone figured out how to use a .jpg file on a user's local hard drive? For example, my Flex 2 application prompts the user for an image file using the FileReference.browse() call. I'd like to look at the file's resolution, and if its way too big, I'd like to resize the file locally before sending it to the server.

      Looking at the file's physical size doesn't help, because I need know the height and the width of the image in pixels.

      The work-around I can think of is to use the FileReference object to upload the file to my server, and once its up on the server, I can then loaded into a Loader and do whatever I need. My goal is to avoid the initial large upload.

      In other words, I know I can't use FileReference inside Image or Loader controls, so is there some way to get around this?

      Appreciate the help!