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    im trying to find information about the video formatsettings in de produce part of premiere elements 13




      im trying to find some additional information (in the adobe support or help files and in open web) about settings in the advanced modes of the export/produce choises in pre 13.

      It is difficult to filter the correct pages in adobe support archieves.


      mpeg4 AVC (part 10) is h264 codec but avchd is also h264 and xavc also.

      So whats the diverence? Which source info combine's the best with which export settings.

      (basic's is understandable:

      (pal 50 hz  : 25fps (form the analoge time) so export preset for1920x1080p is 25p or 29.8 (30 fps  for 60Hz countrie's)

      so a 25p  source can upscaled to 50p (dubbeling frames) but not so easy to 30 fps or 60 fps

      cbr and vbr  is also clear and higer or lower bitrate, but is adding data whats isn't there good or bad? (for example : 25 fps to 50 fps)  aac- dolby digital  or just keep plain stereo things like that.


      Most people (when google) speaks avchd/h264 as the better choise between mpeg4 part 10 and avchd/h264. (avchd/h264 used the better parts of de the mpeg4 part10 encoding and seems therefore the better choise.)  mpeg4 is more supported   by devises and is just one file, avchd is a folder like video ts.