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    Can't import files not marked as .jpg, .mov, etc.

    straightlife Level 1

      I'm importing a project from FCP7 and many of the files used in the project are .png, but aren't marked as such. When I search for them by their correct names within Premiere it doesn't even SHOW them.  Since there are literally hundreds of files involved, it doesn't work for me to go into the folder and rename everything with the correct designation. FCP seems to know what they are & locates them by name. But I can't transfer my FCP Studio to my new computer because it was an upgrade.

      Will Premiere let me bring in files just based on names? Is there some kind of preference that will let me do that???

      I've unchecked file extension and unchecked find in media browser, so that when I try to "locate" a file, I CAN find it in my finder, but if I select it it says it doesn't recognize the file type.


      Is there a workaround besides renaming them all????  Thanks.