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    Help! Blur tool issues with Adobe CC/Windows 8/Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet


      Hi everyone, would really appreciate your help with something frustrating. I have been using Adobe CC quite happily since it was released, but after upgrading to a faster desktop that runs Windows 8, for some reason the Blur tool is playing up. I've upgraded drivers and cleared caches but it keeps happening sporadically. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it wont. My pc isn't the fastest in the world (ie not video editing speeds) but is perfectly competent to run Photoshop; I've run the program on slower machines and am used to the lag that happens there, so this is something different.


      What happens; the blur tool is slow, and inaccurate to the extent of being unusable. When I attempt to blur out a section, for example a section of background, it will instead blur out a totally different section of the photo, for example, the face of the subject.

      I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet CTE 450; I have upgraded its drivers as well.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated; this is only a small thing but is slowly driving me mad! I don't use the blur tool constantly so it isn't preventing me from doing anything, but it is handy when it works and extremely irritating when it won't!


      Thanks in advance!!