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    virtual copies and smart collections


      Previous answer not satisfactory.


      Are virtual copies considered by LR to be the same image. Then why have them. They are different especially after I add more processing.


      Therefore when i make a smart collection of aspect = square and rating is 3

      all versions should show up. Not the way it seems to work   LR5.7 on Mac 10.9


      Then I sort at top for 2014 and select to go into a regular collection Best squares of 2014.


      As it works now it is useless because I have to rely on memory to know I made a different version based on a virtual copy.


      I consider this a bug... Again read my other post today.

      If all you can do in collection is just the easy filters what is the point. I can do it manually.

      If this take rocket scientist to code an algorithm to figure out virtual copies are different than originals then get them on it ASAP.


      This is what gets me. If you know they don't work put it right out front on the help page what IT DOESN"T DO. BE HONEST

      YOU are getting paid for that. Why should a customer have to waste his time when feature is obviously deficient.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          now it is useless

          Wrong Wrong Wrong!

          My Smart Collection finds virtuals.!




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            areohbee Level 6

            Disclaimer: I have no idea what you're talking about, nor did I read your other post today. That said, here are a couple of points which may be pertinent:


            * Virtual copies are 100% different photos (in the catalog database, in collections, etc..).

            * Internally, the main difference between a virtual copy and a real copy is that the virtual copy omits the associated file and records the associated (master) photo instead.


            PS - I recommend understanding how it works before jumping to conclusions about how it doesn't..


            Note: be aware that there are master-photo/virtual-copy attribute filters in the library module (which remain active in develop module..).