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    Gradients. Exporting. Problems, oh my!


      I am trying to make a Simple Background in either Photoshop or Illustrator, and use that same background in Premiere Pro, and just have Text Rotating over top of the B/G.


      The Problems I am having are the colors are not matching whats on my Screen (TV - End Result) to what is on my Computer. The colors look the same between Premiere and Photoshop, but when you export it is a lot Lighter, and the Other Main Issue is the GRADIENTS that I created in Photoshop, are really noticeable when I export it to view it on my TV Screen. A lot of Steps in the Gradation and the colors are not the same.


      It is only a 720p LED Screen what I have to use for this presentation, and the file has to be a MPG or AVI file for it to work as well. (Long story, but it has to be one of those)


      I have tried exporting it out of Premiere numerous different ways, but is there anyone that can help with the Exporting process, or the process between Photoshop and Premiere. I am a Graphics Guy learning Multi-Media, so please go easy on me!


      Thanks for any help!