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    Where are the accessibility options for the "Down-Level" items


      I have an animation I've created (that I haven't cleared with my client yet, so I, unfortunately, cannot share a link).  However, the client is government and there is a strict requirement for 508 compliance or "Accessibility."  I have been able to get alt tags throughout the main animation with no problems and tabindexing too.  The agency is still using IE8 with Chrome as their solution to newer HTML5 content.  Because of this we have experienced that most will look at the product in IE8 first.  This brings me to requiring a "Down-Level" page.  On this page I have placed an image with a description to upgrade, but the image MUST have an alt tag.  How can I accomplish this?  There is no Accessibility area in Down-level and in making varying entries to the "index_preloader.js" file I have been unsuccessful (I've tried title: '...', and alt: '...' and ['...'] and many other combinations.  Please help!


      I wish I could share the link.  I am willing to run a web based remote session using Join.me or similar, if you'd like to take a look.


      Any help or suggestion(s) is/are VERY MUCH appreciated!  Thank you.