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    how do i import Sony a77 ARW files in Premiere CC 7.2.1 ?

    Shakespeare107 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      i'm just about to shoot a kind of an experimental movie.

      We will shoot only RAW pictures each 2,5 seconds (2,5s exposure) - to speed it up in the end.


      Therefore i will have to import the ARW files from my Sony Alpha77V in Premiere Pro  (f.e. CC 7.2.1).

      I tried it on different Premiere Pro versions but not one worked out, telling me that the data type is not supported.


      One possibility i see is the usage of Premiere Elements 13, which, supported by adobes camera raw update, should manage to import these files.

      But, if Premiere elements is able to work with RAW/ARW, why shouldnt Premiere Pro be?


      Anyone got an idea?

      Thanks a lot,





      already tested importing DNG files in Premiere Pro CC 7.2.1 which failed,

      so converting is not an option =-/