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    How to get lower case roman numeral page numbers?

    molezeen Level 1

      Ok, an easy one . . .


      Using InDesign CC 2014.


      I created page numbers by:

      • creating a text box on the Master Page, which is big enough for any size page number . . . this is in the running heads
      • Type > Insert Special Character > Markers> Current Page Number


      I have set the page numbers in the front matter to lower case roman numerals:

      • Numbering & Section Options
      • Page Numbering > Style > i, ii, iii, iv . . .
        • Confirmed (drop down box, i, ii, iii, iv . . . is ticked)


      The problem is that in the running heads, the folios are upper case: I, II, III, IV . . . (In the text section, the folios switch back to Arabic numerals, okay. And on the front matter, opening pages, where I am using a drop folio, it is lower case roman.)


      How can I correct this?