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    Impossible to render

    Martin Strandgaard

      This post could be as long as the bible but I will keep it short. In the past few months I lost count on how many nights I’ve spend at the office together with my crew trying to get films out of the computers.


      We edit in RED material and 90 % RED Dragon material shot in everything from 3-6K resolution. We edit on PC’s and have 3 computers ranging from 4 to 8 cores with all different kinds of Geforce graphic cards.

      CUDA haven’t worked at all at any time. All renders give us the classic: “error compiling movie” when using CUDA. It turns out, this does not work when you turn on sharpening from Red Cine X (….).

      Every single project is a new challenge. Sometimes it can be rendered in a H.264 file. Sometimes it can only be rendered out in a Cineform codec or a DNxHD. Sometimes it just uses all the ram until the computer surely crash. Sometimes half of the film needs to go through After Effects to be rendered.

      I tell you, we tried so many different and weird things that has no grasp in common logic. Every computer is unique in it’s problem, but they all have issues.

      Honestly I am tired and my drive to create new content is really being tested. Not even exaggeration when I say that we use more time and energy on getting it out of the computer, than actually editing.

      I have no idea how to fix this and everytime Adobe dish out an update it could fix one problem, and create a new one.

      Do you guys have any suggestions or advice for what we could do to fix this?


      Thank you!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Aside from personally not editing RED video, my only comment would be to start a new message (I think for each computer) listing the full details of the computer hardware and P-Pro version and exact video being edited... and see if someone here has any ideas based on that specific computer and problem


          What you've written is simply too broad for anyone to help

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            shooternz Level 6
            Every computer is unique in it’s problem, but they all have issues.

            Its interesting to me that each PC has a different issue and that would indicate to me that its maybe  in the set ups and the hardware. 

            If it was software...the same issue would be replicated across them ( and maybe a bug).

            What version of PPro are we talking about here?

            Could it be third party (plugins)?, Networks?, Application conflicts, ....

            Could it simply be the RED "software" installed?

            Hows the cooling in these systems?