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    "the extension cannot be installed it requires flash…" error

    tomwe-JL Level 1

      I am attempting to install my flash command extensions that I was using under Flash CS5 for CC, using Extension Manager (EM) CC.


      I am writing the MXI file myself in order to do this (and packaging them with EM CS6), but I constantly get the error "The extension cannot be installed it requires Flash version 8 or greater".


      I think the manager is reacting to the product tag which is currently set as


        <product familyname="Flash" version="8"/>



      I DO have Flash installed, and it is higher than 8 so why am I getting this error? I've tried changing the version number and doing away with the products tag all together but this doesn't help.


      Flash & Photoshop are the only CC programs I have installed and they are showing in the sidebar in EM CC


      The command is definitely compatible with flash as I can install it by simply putting it in the right place, but I wanted to circulate this to my colleagues without explaining how to find the config folder.


      Thank you for your help,


      The whole MXI is below



        type="flash command"



        name="Bitmap Properties">

        <author name="Tom Evans" />


        <product familyname="Flash" version="8"/>



        <![CDATA[command to multi-edit bitmap quality in flash library. Automatically sets smoothing on but asks what quality to set the JPG compression]]>



        <![CDATA[Adds command to Commands Menu]]>



        <![CDATA[CDATA[Tom Evans provides this extension 'as is' without any warranty of any kind as to the suitability of the extension for the licensees intended purpose. All risk as to the performance of the extension and it's contents are the sole responsibility of you, the licensee.]]>



        <file source="BitmapProperties.jsfl" destination="$Flash\commands" />

        <file source="BitmapProperties.xml" destination="$Flash\XULControls" />