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    Flex 2 and QTP 9.1

      Our company is developing in Flex2 and is looking to purchasing QTP v9.1 (Mercury product) automation tool but need to ensure both are compatible. Anyone out there know of any white papers? Has this been done by anyone?

      Thanks in advance!

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          I should be L,

          It will be compatible, It has been tested with 9.1 internally.

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            We currently have QTP 9.1 and are unable to use with Flex2 for automation. Are their any new updates?

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              We are using QTP 9.1 and Flex plug-in for automating Flex application. I am trying to complile a sample application thro Flex Builder with necessary SWC files so that I can automate the application. But QTP is not recognising the components. Can you please help. Thanks in advance.

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                It took me most of the day, but I've gotten QTP 9.1 and Flex 2.0.1 to speak to each other. There are several ingredients and instruction snippets that have to be knitted together:
                1) After installing QTP you run QTP_Plugin_Installer.exe on the testing machine. This installs a plug-in for QTP (Mercury calls these "add-ins") and a plug-in for Internet Explorer. However, both components are totally invisible and there is no feedback that they are working until you get farther into the process. Details on the steps up to this point are at http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/2/install.html#install, toward the bottom.
                2) You must add the automation SWC files to the build command line for your Flex application. This tripped me up because I went into the builder and added them to the library path instead. That is not the same thing it turns out, and I should have followed the directions explicitly.
                3) After you rebuild your flex application and run it for the first time on the testing machine, you should finally get feedback that the above plug-in installation worked. Your IE instance will warn about the plug-in wanting to install itself. Of course you say yes.

                And now you are golden. QuickTest should be able to record and playback your flex application at the token level. I was successful both opening the html file locally as well as deployed through Apache.
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                  peterent Level 2
                  I'll second what Tom just said. I, too, had problems getting QTP to work. Then I realized I hadn't followed the steps exactly as written - I did what Tom did in his step #2 and added the swcs to my library path. But -include-libraries is different and necessary for this to work.

                  Just go back over the steps and try again.
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                    I don't have any problem with adding swc files and QTP talks to flex ....the only problem is when I try to pass the swf file in the address bar in my browser, if it is not in localhost, it does not get reloaded. The following example would make it clearer what I mean. If I type the first example in the addressbar of my browser everything works fine... but if I use the second example where I try to load a file online it does not work:
                    First Example:
                    Second Example:
                    http://localhost/bin/TestLoader.html?automationswfurl=http://flexlib.googlecode.com/svn/tr unk/examples/CanvasButton/CanvasButton_Sample.swf

                    Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?