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    InDesign CC 2014 can no longer drag objects with mouse


      I have been using InDesign for months with no problems but suddenly I am having mouse issues. I can use my mouse to resize objects and make selections but dragging objects in the document or in panels (for example, reordering spreads) no longer works. I am using a mac on the latest 2014 CC release of InDesign, and have tried all the usual tricks (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Cmd on startup to remove preferences, manually deleting preferences (both files), reloading software, rebooting machine, reinstalling InDesign) but the only thing that works is rebooting the machine.


      However, within 20-30 minutes after a reboot, the problem returns out of nowhere. I don't use plugins with InDesign and haven't changed hardware or software recently so I have no idea what's causing this.


      Does anyone have any info that might help me out? From googling around, it seems most people have solved their problems after a preferences dump, but mine keeps on coming back!