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    Do I have enough CPU to not care that my GPU can't ray-trace?


      Hey Adobe-ites -


      So I'm running some tests of my new iMac 5K (See image below) and I am getting the Ray-Tracing error message regarding my unsupported GPU card. 

      Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.49.15 AM.png

      After Effect is telling me that my GPU is not supported, and that I need an NVIDIA card with CUDA. 

      Since I do not have these, and will certainly not be getting these, am I going to notice a huge difference since my CPU is pretty quick? 

      And is there no way of fixing this? - Rumor has it that an update for AE-CC is coming out to fix this.


      Also, in what particular scenario would I be using this ray-tracing feature?  I have a feeling I wouldn't miss it.  The work I do is not dependent on bending 2D objects to 3D.