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    Sync Now

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      I uploaded all my settings and it changed my keyboard shortcuts on the local machine I uploaded from.  How do I get my keyboard shortcuts back?

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          billysurfmartin Level 1

          FYI- I chose to upload settings

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            spent 46 minutes chatting with adobe support.  waste of time.  Is english the first language of these support people?  why do you offer chat support if it s this poor?

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              billysurfmartin Level 1

              info: You are now chatting with Arjun.

                Arjun: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.

                Arjun: Please allow me a moment while I look into your account & verify the details.

                Billy Surf: thanks

                Arjun: thank you for your patience

                Arjun: did you sync your settings from the cloud

                Billy Surf: i uploaded to the cloud (i chose the upload option) so my local settings would not be changed

                Arjun: ok

                Arjun: once you launch premiere pro on the first window there is an option to sync the settings

                Billy Surf: yes

                Arjun: can you please sync the settings and check if it works or not

                Billy Surf: ok

                Billy Surf: do i choose to upload

                Billy Surf: or download

                Arjun: download

                Billy Surf: ok

                Billy Surf: it gives me default settings and a project list that is not current

                Billy Surf: it also removed my custom workspaces

                Arjun: do you have the custom settings on the other computer

                Billy Surf: i havent set up anothe cusmpter yet

                Billy Surf: this is the only one

                Arjun: can you close premiere pro,

                Billy Surf: sure

                Arjun: https://assets.adobe.com/appsettings

                Arjun: go to this link and erase the sync settings for premiere pro

                Arjun: then go to the other computer and upload the customized settings

                Billy Surf: ok

                Arjun: then comeback to this computer and then download the same settigns

                Billy Surf: you mena the only computer (same one).

                Arjun: yes

                Billy Surf: ok, they are cleared

                Arjun: now upload the settings and then download the customized settings

                Billy Surf: ok

                Arjun: allow me 2 minutes please

                Billy Surf: ok

                Billy Surf: ok, i did that and my settings are not back. this did not work.

                Billy Surf: what i need to do is to retrieve my settings that were deleted (from 2 days ago).

                Arjun: where did you upload those settings from?

                Billy Surf: i synced using sync now and uploaded to the cloud

                Billy Surf: but what it did was revert all my settings (on my localmachine) to default

                Arjun: that could be an issue

                Arjun: you might have to upload it from the same machine again

                Arjun: the machine on which this customized shortcuts were created

                Billy Surf: there is only ONE machine. ALL of this happened on ONE computer.

                Billy Surf: timeline 2 days ago i uploaded using sync settings next day i logged in and opened my project, all my settings were gone

                Billy Surf: on the LOCAl (only one) computer

                Billy Surf: is rthere a local file of my preferneces that can be re-installed

                Arjun: unfortunately no

                Billy Surf: i need to revert back to my prefernces, settings keyboard shortcuts and workspaces from a few days ago

                Billy Surf: really?

                Billy Surf: why did it delete everything when i UPLOADED?

                Arjun: once you upload the new settings it would delete the old settings

                Arjun: because new settings would replace the old one

                Arjun: in place of uploading you should have downloaded the same settings

                Billy Surf: so when i upload the settings from my computer to the cloud it deletes the settings i just uploaded from the same computer it uploaded from?

                Billy Surf: i didnt want to download from the cloud, i wanted to use the settings i had setup on my local machine on other computers

                Billy Surf: i was UPLOADING my settings to the cloud

                Billy Surf: so i could DOWNLOAD to other computers

                Billy Surf: what am i missing here

                Arjun: see first you uploaded your settings

                Billy Surf: thats what i did

                Billy Surf: and thats all i did

                Arjun: then did the settings automatically got deleted

                Billy Surf: yes

                Arjun: ok

                info: Your chat transcript will be sent to surfmartin@outlook.com at the end of your chat.

                Arjun: Please allow me to take the remote access of your computer, so that I can troubleshoot further accordingly.

                Billy Surf: ok

                Arjun: Click Here

                Billy Surf: ok

                Billy Surf: do you need id or assword

                Arjun: yes pelase

                Billy Surf: 305 363 437

                Billy Surf: 3220

                Arjun: I'm connected

                Billy Surf: great

                Arjun: do you have the same settings on premiere pro cc?

                Billy Surf: what do you mean

                Arjun: there are 2 folder here one is for cc and other one for cc 2014

                Arjun: do you have the keyboard shortcuts created for premiere pro cc as well

                Billy Surf: oh, yes cc would have the right settings if they can be copied over

                Arjun: ok can open premiere pro cc and check

                Arjun: we will upload those settings on the cloud

                Billy Surf: wait they are gone too

                Billy Surf: both cc and 2014 have default settings not the ones i created

                Arjun: ok

                Billy Surf: it deleted them both?

                Arjun: let me check

                Arjun: please check now

                Billy Surf: didnt work

                Billy Surf: should i check cc

                Arjun: yes please

                Billy Surf: weird- some of my old workspaces are back

                Billy Surf: but they arent working corretly

                Arjun: ok

                Billy Surf: keyboard shortcuts are not back (and what i need most)

                Arjun: ok

                Arjun: please enter the details

                Arjun: unfortunately some way or the other the settings have gone missing

                Billy Surf: ok, thanks for your time

                Arjun: thank you for contacting adobe have a great day ahead