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    Responsive design for IOS build

    matthewdee Level 1

      I have a CC 2014 Flash project that I will convert to IOS. Question here is the original size of the app is for iPad 1024 x 768 pixels, I may need to have an Iphone size as well, 336 x 192 pixels. In an earlier post I was advised to create a movie clip of the entire page of each frame and just reduce the artwork to the smaller size. Did that but the result is the text and buttons are way too small  I thought the IOS would have been responsive so if viewed on an IPhone the user would be able to make the screen bigger with a spread but this is not the case.



      Just need to know if I can code the IPad size to be responsive OR do I have to do another layout IPhone size?


      If I do need to create a smaller layout and it is too cluttered then I would slap the plans for an iPhone size which is logical.