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    program crashes when trying to return item early


      I have been having this issue since I started using Adobe Digital Editions in April 2014, but I never thought to search for a solution until now.  Whenever I try to return a borrowed item early, I get one of two responses:


      1. an error message that reads "Error returning item.  License Server Communication Problem: E_BAD_LOAN_ID". (less often)

      2. an error message stating that Adobe Digital Editions has stopped working and that the program needs to close.  There is an option to debug but this also leads to the program crashing. (most often)


      I have checked with the library and they refer me to Adobe for a solution because other clients are not having issues with borrowed ebooks.  I am running Windows 8.1 Pro and Digital Editions version 3.0.


      I read through the forum entries earlier and noticed that a couple of other users had this issue back in Sep 2014 but no solution was offered.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.