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    Commas in a number field

    kjboynton Level 1

      I have developed a web site for a real estate agency for which I have built a custom web app. The web app has a number fields that display information about individual properties in both list and detail formats. Some of the fields I created in the web app are "number" fields. I used number fields for price and square feet because I also have a search form linked to the web app. I needed to have a min and max search capability for these two fields, which the "number" field provides automatically. However, being a "number" field, it does not allow for the use of commas in the field, which is a client requirement. If a comma is used in the web app field, the display is null. For example, the client needs the price to be displayed like this (1,300,000) vs (1300000). Here is a link to the test site: Anne Rogers Realty Group, Inc - Featured Listings.  Note the price and square feet fields on both the list an detail views for the properties. Is there any way around this problem? Thanks in advance