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    Cursor lingo

      Is there any way that i can change the cursor to anything other than a 1 bit sprite. I mean its a bit limited to just a black & white cursor.
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          Level 7
          You can turn the cursor off and use any custom graphic that you'd like.
          Set that sprite to follow the invisible cursor and voila!

          To set the cursor to invisible:

          cursor 200

          Put this onto the sprite that you want to use as the custom cursor:

          on enterFrame me
          sprite(me.spriteNum).loc=the mouseLoc

          You may need to tweak the registration point of your custom mouse to
          make it have the "point" in the right place.
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            Level 7
            You can use the Cursor xtra to build your own (animated, if you like)
            Insert -> Media element -> Cursor...