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    Files appear to be corrupting as I upload images to Lightroom 3 -- Any idea why?


      I contacted support this morning and was disappointed to hear that they do not have any support available for Lightroom 3 issues. They suggested that I ask here in the forums instead.


      Here is the problem I'm having with Lightroom 3:


      Whenever I upload files to the system, some of the files appear to become corrupted. Some of them turn white with colored lines running across them--almost like a scan gone wrong. When the images first populate in Lightroom, they appear to be fine, but as the thumbnail previews fully process through, suddenly, a handful of them appear to become corrupted. No matter what I do, the thumbnail and large version of the photo appears corrupted (white blocks with colored lines running through it). The only thing that saves these images is taking the RAW file to another program (I use Photo Mechanic) and converting them to a TIFF file and re-loading them to Lightroom 3. Then they process through correctly. I have no idea why these random files are suddenly turning/appearing as corrupted. I do not believe that it is a card issue because it happens with multiple cards. It is also strange that if I convert it from a RAW to a TIFF file that it is okay as well.


      Any thoughts about why this is happening? I thought Adobe would be available to help, but apparently they are not. (So frustrating, BTW!)


      Please help--I'm at my wit's end with this and am not sure how to rectify the issue.

      Thank you.