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    File cannot be found but does exist

    victoriajourneyzing Level 1
      I have been editting a webpage fine and inserting images fine [jpgs, 72dpi and 184x122] and then got to a part of the page to add one more and no matter what I select, the message comes up that the file cannot be found. I have renamed the files to make sure there are no improper characters, I have moved the folder to a 'closer' locale to go to, the images are there [I have checked and they do exist = there are 20 or so in the folder, of which I only want one.

      I am doing this in Contribute 4 on a Mac running OSX10.4.9 -- I looked and there was an issue regarding Extensions.text in Contribute3 and configuration files so I downloaded hte update and installed it to the right place but still won't let me upload images.