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    How to anchor multiple objects while keeping layers/arrangements?

    CreativeLady14 Level 1

      I am working on a book for I a client, and I am trying to make shadow boxes to insert quotes throughout the chapter. I have created an object (by grouping a few things together) and created a separate text box for the quote (not attached to the main text of the book). I grouped the created shadow box and the quote text. after arranging it properly, but when I try to anchor it to the text (so that way when I add new content it'll stay together) it won't work. Basically, I need to keep the layers of the objects and the text in tact, while keeping it connected to the main text of the book. So that when I add content to the book, I won't have to manually rearrange the book- which is why I thought anchors would be quite helpful.  Any thoughts??