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      I have documents that I want viewed only by the URLs in my database. I have used CGI.HTTP.Referer to do this, however, I need to enable dynamic URLs. CGI.HTTP.Referer excludes everything except the URL presently in the database.
      www.yoursite.com is currently in my database. www.yoursite.com has dynamic pages and refers a visitor to my site with the following URL, www.yoursite.com?page=Colorado&zip=80840. Although visitors from www.yoursite.com should be allowed to view my documents, this URL is rejected. How do I enable dynamic URLs?
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          Can you include the code, please? Are you doing cgi.http_referrer eq "..." or cgi.http_referrer contains "..."? I would say do the latter, if you aren't already, and that might solve the problem. I hope that this helps. Thanks.